What’s the nature of truth? What determines what is true? Is it true because it exists? Because we have seen it with our own eyes, felt it with our own hands, tasted it with our own mouths? Truly, we get to determine what is true for us or not — others may agree with us, or perhaps they don’t — but does that really matter? It matters to the degree we believe it does.

Say we go to the doctor and he tells us we have some dis-ease. We feel fine — we feel no pain, we look and act the same — but the tests show it’s “true”. The doctor tells us what to expect and because we believe in medical science and that the doctor MUST know more about us than we do — after all he’s went to many years of medical school and many years of “practice” — he’s the expert, right? — we believe him. If you think like many people you accept the diagnosis and begin shortly demonstrating the symptoms that “confirm” that the doctor is right.

The deeper truth is that we are creating the circumstances in our bodies at all times and although at the moment the doctor took the tests that he is basing his diagnosis upon we may have been showing signs that would look like we are manifesting this disease it is also true that our bodies are fully capable of adjusting and correcting the situation if we allow it to by focusing on well being. But rather than focus on well being we are now filled with fear and anxiety based upon this expert opinion and that very state is denying the well being that would otherwise be there and that state is bring about the very disease the doctor said we had!

Until we own our power — until we realize that when it comes to us, WE are the experts, the ultimate authority AND creator of every and all circumstances in our lives we will continue to manifest life situations in which we appear to be a “victim” until we finally see the falseness of that belief!

The Truth is that the Truth IS — the isness or beingness is True and undeniable — the details of that creation are completely up to us and are as true as we choose to make them — consciously or unconsciously — it’s up to us.

~Phil Giuliano

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