What a great opportunity we had during this week’s show! Jennifer Urezzio, from KnowSoulsLanguage.net, is an amazing intuitive with deep wisdom to share.

Most of our shows are very focused on LOA — we certainly did touch base on LOA several times in the show — however, this show was slightly different. We learned a tremendous amount about how Jennifer works with clients and how she developed her program of Soul Languages, of which there are 107! Similar to personality traits, we all have 3 distinct languages that express who we are on a soul level, and listening to her discuss the process is truly beautiful. From some of her responses to our questions, I was able to get a sense about how much she truly cares for her clients — and having been one, I know this first-hand.

Several years ago, Jennifer worked with my business partner and I as an intuitive business coach; what a truly eye opening experience. She helped us to see that our business issues were really just a matter of being different people with different communication styles, and I found it very helpful for my business partnership. I continued to work with Jennifer on my own after that, listening to some group classes, and she even invited me to speak about “Forgiveness”. (Please read my Forgiveness blog for more on this topic.)

Jennifer helped me to truly inhabit who I was on the inside: the Lover, the Friend, the Avatar, and someone who wants to share a divine mission with the world. I credit my work with Jennifer to be one of the reasons that I decided to take the step with the Matt & Phil LOA Show. (There are others who have influenced my decision, but that is for another post!) She helped me to see the courage that I already had and that by taking steps towards what I really felt was important, I couldn’t fail.

So, Thank You, Jennifer. Bless You.

I would highly suggest for anyone that is feeling the need to receive intuitive guidance to reach out to Jennifer and take advantage of her 100% free 15 minute consultation. Remember, you are worth it!

Listen to our show (below) and you will get a great idea of what it would be like to work with her.

Live well and breathe,



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