It truly has been a wonderment to sit back and watch all the stir, buzz, and attention Charlie has been getting these past few weeks. Sirius even dedicated a station just to him, “Tiger Blood Radio”!

And it seems the more outrageous he is, the more attention he gets. It doesn’t matter if it’s “positive” or “negative” attention — we who understand how the law of attraction works know that ANY focus on a topic makes it grow — from the LOA perspective, focus on anything is a big, fat, YES to the Universe! So the stream of energy that is the “Charlie Sheen phenomena” just keeps getting bigger, faster and stronger and he is more famous now than he has ever been.

This is not an endorsement of the choices CS has made in his life. As a teacher of LOA, I don’t believe it’s really any of my business to comment on what another master creator ( we’re ALL master creators!) has decided to create — but I do admire the unapologetic stance he has taken with those who want to criticize or put labels on him and his behavior. I believe that’s what is driving the dizzying amount of attention and publicity — we admire (or perhaps envy) the freedom with which he is approaching his life, because deep down we all know that we ARE truly FREE beings, but we often ACT as if we are not! We let social convention, the thoughts of others, financial pressures, social mores, laws, beliefs and other untold factors, including past conditioning become the round hole into which uniquely shaped pegs we never intended to fit. Then, along comes the outlaw who just doesn’t give a damn and we cheer him on with the most powerful tool we have, our attention, as some part of us yearns to reclaim our freedom and live out our birthright.

Long live the rascals and the outlaws — they are an important part of this tapestry we call life on the physical plane. Like all things they can be yet another reason to live more, love more and expand joyously or one to constrict. The choice is ours, not theirs.

~Phil Giuliano


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